2024 Achievement of Excellence in Procurement ® (AEP) Educational Series

No charge for any of the sessions!
Format: 30–60-minute Zoom meetings
Time Zone: all meetings 11:00 a.m. PST

Join the Achievement of Excellence in Procurement® evaluation team for a series of “AEP Educational Sessions” where we will review this year’s application and discuss a few of the more challenging criteria. These sessions will be interactive and allow participants to ask questions of the panel.

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March 14

Introduction to the program and application changes for 2024.

Session objectives:
Introduce AEP program for new applicants; demonstrate access and submission process for AEP portal; review changes to the 2024 application.

View the recording here.

March 28

Criterion 15 - Sustainable Procurement Policy/Program and Sustainable Procurement Best Practices.

Session objectives:
Discuss importance of sustainable procurement; what is considered demonstration of implementing or moving towards implementing a strategic sustainable procurement program; discuss sustainable procurement best practices; review model submittals from prior year.

Criterion 10 – Certification of CPO and Staff.

Session Objectives:
Discuss importance of certifications in public procurement and how they serve to demonstrate a high level of professionalism and expertise; review certifications currently accepted for this criterion; discuss definition of “eligible professional staff”; review model submittals from prior year.

Watch the recording here.

CEH Form

April 11

Criterion 7 – eProcurement and Automated Technology

Session Objectives:
Discuss eProcurement and automated technology to improve the internal procurement and solicitation processes and the benefits achieved for the agency and vendors/public; introduce AEP Certified eProcurement Solutions and the simplified application process for those utilizing these solution(s) review model submittals from prior year.

Criterion 16 – Cooperative Procurement Strategy.

Session Objectives:
Discuss the importance of implementing a comprehensive cooperative procurement strategy; the value for agencies; appropriate use of cooperatives; review components of a successful approach; review model submittals from prior year.

Watch the recording here.

CEH Form

April 25

Wrap Up and Final Questions

Session objectives:
Finalize submission process, Q&A, and upcoming calendar of events.

Watch the recording here.


Thank you to our Educational Partner Axia Cooperative for their generous support allowing us to provide these sessions at no cost.



Questions? Email [email protected]



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